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BCI-CAN Network

The Imagination Centre is one of the founding members of the BCI-CAN Network, a coalition of three Canadian research facilities committed to driving forward pediatric BCI research and innovation. The network shares technical and clinical expertise, collaborates on multi-centre research initiatives, and collectively trains future pediatric BCI experts through each institution’s graduate programs. In addition to the team here in Edmonton, the BCI-CAN Network comprises the BCI4Kids team in Calgary and the PRISM BCI Lab in Toronto.

Alberta Children's Hospital /

University of Calgary

Led by Dr. Adam Kirton, pediatric neurologist, the BCI4Kids program is an active research and clinical team focused on advancing BCI solutions for children, similar to the programs in Edmonton and Toronto. 

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital / University of Toronto

Led by Dr. Tom Chau, PhD, PEng, the PRISM BCI Lab boasts a robust research program and clinically focused program for children, similar to the programs in Edmonton and Calgary.

Community Partners

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